Beaufort Yacht Basin

Our story

Ever since our opening date in 2016, Beaufort Yacht Basin has represented a personable, hands-on approach to service. We view all tenants, whether long-term or transient, as valued members of our community of boaters. It is our duty to ensure that all people have a memorable experience in an atmosphere that feels like home. The established credibility of this operation has become a major staple in the local area and beyond. 

Our home has had a prominent place in Beaufort, North Carolina for generations. In a location on Cedar Street, along the pathway to what was once Beaufort’s main entry point, the former Grayden Paul Bridge, our building was known as a Hardee's fast food establishment to local citizens. 

After years of vacancy, the building was remodeled and repurposed to serve the area in a different way. Coinciding with the construction of the Gallants Channel high-rise bridge, Beaufort Yacht Basin quickly became a prime retreat for boaters. Our office and clubhouse has consistently remained an open door that all visitors have felt welcome to enjoy. Ranging from a food-filled gathering space to an environment where respite is gained after a long day, all people are met with open arms and a smiling face. 

Our staff, led by Jerry Gaskill, prioritizes all needs, which are handled with the utmost efficiency and care. Please do not hesitate to let us know of any way we can assist you with the service you deserve!